EdHealth Australia - Improving diabetes health through education and innovation

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Stay on track for improved diabetes health
Each person's diabetes is different. EdHealth Australia provides customised solutions to help people with diabetes to stay on track to living a healthy life with their diabetes. Choose one of a number of locations to see an EdHealth diabetes educator in South Australia.

Jayne Lehmann is the Director of EdHealth Australia and an experienced and nationally recognised Credentialled Diabetes Educator. Jayne offers a range of high quality services to further improve the health outcomes of people with diabetes.
A new manual and resources has been released by EdHealth Australia to support the care of people with intellectual disability and diabetes:

to support the development of diabetes care and education resources, programmes and strategies so health and disability support agencies can proactively care for people with diabetes.

Education sessions customised to suit each audience. 

Diabetes and disability assessment, education and consultancy services.

Social media presence via Twitter and blogs

Pharmaceutical and diabetes care company Advisory Board membership and consultancy services.

Marketing, public relations and communication company consultancy services

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